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Universal Stock Roof Awning Brackets (Pair)

Universal Stock Roof Awning Brackets (Pair)

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Introducing our Universal T-Slot Awning Bracket, the perfect solution for effortlessly installing an awning onto your stock factory roof racks equipped with a T-slot design. Crafted with precision and user-friendly functionality in mind, this bracket ensures a simple and clean installation, saving you valuable time for more outdoor adventures. Its sturdy and durable construction guarantees reliable support for your awning, while the T-slot compatibility seamlessly fits into a wide range of stock roof racks. Say goodbye to complex setups and embrace the ease and convenience of our T-Slot Awning Bracket, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - exploring the great outdoors.

Furthermore, we are proud to offer our revolutionary MOLLE-Panel Integrated Awning Bracket, taking convenience and versatility to new heights! This unique version allows you to seamlessly integrate the awning bracket design into our MOLLE-panels, offering you the advantage of saving precious space on your roof while still enjoying the benefits of a sturdy and reliable awning installation.

Note: Please be aware that our T-Slot Awning Bracket is not compatible with 180-degree or 270-degree awning designs. It is specifically engineered for standard awnings and may not provide the appropriate fit or support for the mentioned awning types. We recommend checking the specifications of your awning and roof rack to ensure compatibility before making a purchase. 


Kit Contents:

  • For Factory Rack Applications: 1 pair Awning Bracket
  • For our MOLLE Panel Applications: 1 pair of Awning Brackets
  • Detailed Install Instructions
  • Black Stainless Steel Hardware

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Manuel Ham
Brackets worked great to hold exterior molle panels

I was able to install these awning brackets on my GX470 factory roof rack to hang exterior Molle panels